Trust's 25th Anniversary - From the Pastor's Desk

January 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the Henry J. Smith Charitable Trust! This Trust has been a tremendous aid to St Malachy School since its foundation. It was an integral part of our two building additions, and continues to be very active in supporting the strength of our educational and formational mission.

Honoring Carolyn Taylor for a Lifetime of Service to the St. Malachy Community

The Henry J. Smith Charitable Trust proudly joins with Fr. Joel Phelps and the whole St. Malachy community to thank Carolyn Taylor for her lifetime of service to St. Malachy Parish and School. 

Thank You, Kathleen Finney

The trustees of the Henry J. Smith Charitable Trust would like to thank Kathleen for her many years of loyal service to the Trust and St. Malachy School.  Kathy submitted her letter of resignation on April 26, 2018.  She and Richard Humphrey have served as trustees since the Trust originated in 1996. 

Thank You, Joe Murray

The acting trustees of the Henry J. Smith Charitable Trust would like to thank Joe Murray for the many years of service given to the Trust. On August 24, 2014, Joe tendered his resignation after twelve years of service. Joe was a valuable trustee and we thank him for sharing his time and expertise.

Remembering a Teacher

Sr. James Marie, at the age of 22, was assigned to Donovan Memorial School in 1940. Over the next 20 years, Sister continued to serve as music teacher, classroom teacher and Principal. The seeds she planted left her mark on the school and St. Malachy Parish for generations to come. At the time of her death in 2010 at the age of 90, she was remembered by fellow Sisters and friends…“Sister James Marie planted seeds of God’s invitation in lives touched by her musical gifts.”

A Teacher Remembers

In the fall of 1976, Bob Robertson, a 22 year-old graduate of Millikin University was hired to teach 8th grade and coach at St. Malachy School.

Bob shared his thoughts and memories, and identified changes he witnessed over the 38 years of his career…

Among his first memories was the day the principal called him to the office and said “you will have better discipline in your classroom or we will have a new teacher very quickly.”

An Invitation

In 2012, Henry J Smith Trustees voted to fund six additional Smart Boards to the three already in use in the school. On January 26, 2014, Henry Smith Trustees were invited to come and see smart boards in action at St. Malachy School. Time did not permit a visit to every classroom, but of the four that were visited we witnessed teachers and students actively involved. In each classroom we witnessed teachers using the tool for students in mastering fractions in mathematics, recognizing the wonder of astronomy and physical science, and the beginnings of reading and writing in kindergarten.